Increasing your followership on Twitter with Blossom Nnodim

I think this has to be the best interview till date. We met at an E-Business seminar at Silverbird Galleria and I was present because of a tweet she sent out earlier that morning. While we spoke, Asa (best female Nigerian singer) was playing in the background, accompanied by the beautiful gems Blossom was sharing, it was epic in every sense. Please check out her twitter handle (over 23K followers) and her website You can even check out her wikipedia page.

AMF; How do you make a brand and maintain it on twitter and other platforms?
Blossom; The easiest way is to bring in their person, because people will rather see you before they see your product. If people cannot associate your business with a face, it’s a bit difficult for them to relate with the product. That’s why I advice every start-up person not to just focus on their product. Let’s look at Ofili (@Ofilispeaks) for instance, what does Ofili do basically? Public speaking. What is his name? Ofili. What is he known for? Ofilispeaks. So people tend to see you before they see your business. I actually started as being an MC, a compere. I wanted to be different so I didn’t tell anybody I was an MC, I kept saying I was a ‘compere’. And they kept asking me what it was. So I then tell them its master of ceremony. So that’s why you see @blcompere, I felt blossom was too long. So, people got to see the individual, then from forming that relationship they then ask “What does this person do?”. They now willingly have a relationship with your brand.
That works for start-ups. But for big multinational companies, where no one person owns the company, then people can afford to see just the brand. Say Coca Cola, there isn’t one face you can attach to it.

AMF; Can you give us 3 Don’ts for twitter?
Blossom; 3 Dos. Grow your followership. You give to get, simple. If you follow about 100 folks, chances are that about 50 will follow you back. Those that refuse to follow you, you can decide to unfollow them. Don’t ask people to follow back, that’s suicide. Use an unfollow website to know those who don’t follow back but leave those who are adding value to you. People that are trending often have their followership skyrocket. Which is because those who are online when he is trending are now following him. So I just go to his followers, sieve through and in 10-20 minutes time I’m already following about 500 people. And those people are still online, so chances are that they will follow me back are very high. After 3 weeks I just simply unfollow those who don’t follow back. There’s no secret, follow for follow.
I noticed social media is made up of a lot of young people, they always have so much energy to talk about anything and its often based on their own perception. Also, people tend to flow in one direction. If I notice everybody is going in one direction, I look at the other direction and try to find ways I can justify the other direction and once I’m convinced the opposite direction has its own merits. I’m going there and I’m going alone. Over time I got a lot of attacks but a lot more followers. I have already told myself that these people going in this direction are not going because they are passionate about it. They just don‘t want to be unfollowed, while those who prefer where I am will simply join me. Then the others who remain will still be curious about me and my courage, they will also follow. Not because they like me but they want to monitor my timeline and see if she’s ok. There’s this suspense, this mystery it creates and that’s the one that works even more. I have had instances where people are talking of something, I keep quite and don’t talk. And someone will tweet at me and say; its remaining you. Why is it not this. They just know this is what I’m going to say and they will now say we are waiting for you, “what is you view”. Whether you are talking good or bad there should be something about you that in a way stands out. That was the second thing I did.
The third thing I do, Blossom’s follow Friday shoutout. I pick someone’s bio, talk about them based on what I read. I don’t think there is anyone on twitter who doesn’t want to be followed. So, if this is what people want then i make it my service is to know why you should follow this person and tell the other person why they should follow you. So I’m creating a solution, they did not need to tell me they want followers. I already know. So why don’t I just tell the world that these guy has qualities to be followed. So I get the qualities from your bio, so I just pick the information pimp it up a little to look attractive. There’s this couple, who are getting married from Blossom’s follow Friday. They met through my shoutout, next thing they are on their way to the alter. People took my shout outs seriously because I already have a huge number of followers.

Try these tips and see you network grow.


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