Interview with Archie and Tiwa from Scouters Modelling Agency

Had a very interesting conversation with Archie and Tiwa from Scouters Modelling Agency. He is their creative director and she the MD of Scouters Modelling Agency. Scouters is a Modelling agency based in Abuja and was floated with 3 models between October/November of 2012. Some of their major clients include Montage, Ecowas and Vlisco!!!!

Here is an abridged version of the conversation;

AMF; How did Scouters start?
Tiwa; Started with 3 models from a single audition with 18 attendees, started Oct-Nov. And since then, we have been in most major events and if we aren’t at the event then the event isn’t major.

AMF; Currently how many models are you managing?
Tiwa; about 15. But very unique girls with some as tall as 6.2 inches.
Archie; its not about quantity, its about quality.

AMF; Has there been anything that has made you feel like quitting?
Tiwa; I’ve loved everything about it, everything has been fantastic so far.
Archie; Clients that refuse to pay after a job.
Tiwa; We’ve had about 3 clients that refused to pay for the job so we looking to collect our fees upfront before the show.

AMF; 3 don’ts of running a modelling agency?
Archie; Don’t get too familiar with your models, you can still be a big clique or family but try not to get too personal.
Archie; Don’t let your models get lazy, place them on rigorous trainings. We have bi-weekly trainings for all our models. Its your job, it places food on your table. Basic stuff, don’t drink fizzy drinks before a show, it bloats you. Don’t try to work out Eba, its starch. Foreign models take their diet really seriously, I can count the number of girls (Nigerian models) who have gym memberships on 1 hand. Its should be the norm, things you never leave your home with out; your atm card, gym card and keys. Like saying Picasso didn’t practise, he just painted the Sistine Chapel and that’s about it. I’m sure that guy was painting everyday in one dark room to improve. Van Gogh cut off his right ear to get red blood to paint, that’s dedication. You should be in the gym at least 30mins a day. If you can’t go, do squats, don’t eat after 7pm. If you get hungry drink water you wont die, there are kids in Somalia who don’t eat at all. So many models are just passing through and aren’t dedicated to it. You shouldn’t join an agency just because you think you are pretty.
Tiwa; And that’s another Don’t, A modelling agency shouldn’t always go for the prettiest girls, don’t go for obvious beauty. Go for something unique. So when people see her, they go wow, she’s beautiful but different. Every girl is beautiful in her own way.
Archie; No, no, no. (not every girl is beautiful)
Tiwa; He’s going to say no but I think so. But you have to pick something that just shows like woooo. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous or her lips.
Archie; That’s why we zone so much on Angelina Jolie’s lips, she’s just a regular skinny girl but her lips are amazing. Like Tyra, shes got big forehead but her eyes are amazing. Picking just girls, girls, girls and then they all look alike, it will cause internal friction. How do you book 5 different models who look alike?

AMF; Final question, why are alot of the Abuja models fat and unprofessional?
Tiwa; For example, the Ecowas fashion show we just had, they had to fly in models from Lagos. A lot of them weren’t stunning or model material. Especially the men, the male figures they brought were not. I think my models that walked (the guys), looked better. But we are still going to get there. Abuja is still growing.

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