Me again

Hello, been ages. Had to change the name of the blog as I am now temporarily away from Abuja. I decided to go with “AfroPho” now, I coined it from Afro Photo. Which basically means Afro Photography, it can also mean African photo. Suggestions are welcome.
Will host different contents, most of them are my thoughts and personal ideas but would reference and give credit where appropriate.
So a quick introduction; name’s Ladi, pronounced ‘Laddy’ like a ‘lad’ with a ‘Y’ on the end. Everyone calls me Ladi. I’m a huge fan of photography, its a passion, a hobby and a job. Therefore most of my posts will be photography related, including beautiful images, techniques and equipment.
Here’s a link to my portrait portfolio

My landscape and still-life and product portfolio will be arriving shortly. Sorting out the good photographs from the great ones is harder than I assumed. Here is one of my latest endeavours,
Yet to try this actually. Looking for a partner in crime.

This on the other hand was beyond awesome, its like Baileys but tastes as good as a Baileys advert implies. Also, a great flower vase…… hmm 2 for one.
So, you can follow me on several social networks;

Twitter; @ladipo_
Instagram; @ladipo_
facebook; ladipo olakunle
linked In; Fagbola Ladipo


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