Building Stronger Relationships before You Need them

wordy-Businesses thrive on returning customers and they are constantly creating ways to entice and keep customers loyal. The same thing applies to human relationships and the values we add to one another, the bonds we create and the connections we establish. For one reason or the other, you will attract certain people, and it is the efforts you make thereafter that transform us from strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, to lovers and lifelong partners.

We may not realize it because it’s really easy to miss, but there are ways to make your relationships with people matter, and I mean really matter. Now for those of us who are over 21, you are no longer meeting people for the fun of it; there’s a point to every relationship you have and will further establish. Therefore for the sake of making such present and future relationships even more gainful, let’s explore a few tips.

Attend Constructive Gatherings

Reduce your amount of time spent at clubs – you can live without them trust me. There is more to accomplish by going to fun gatherings like picnic type parties, social gatherings and joining groups that share a common interest, groups that do fun things you can participate in and learn. They are a great way to meet interesting people, people who will impact your life and vice versa. In such environments aim to meet at least three new people you actually intend to keep in touch with – not twitter or blackberry messenger – I mean face meets, it is essential; nothing beats getting together to actually see each other. You will find that you can connect with people who can offer you opportunities or give you great advice on how to achieve your personal goals and you may also be able to return the favour.

Encourage Discussions

Smile. It loosens you up and makes you more approachable. Once you’re engaged in meaningful conversation, you can get past the pleasantries and talk about more concrete subjects like future goals; this way you bring down barriers and get to know them more. Encouraging people towards their goals already makes you a part of their success story, and like I always say, if you can take someone a step closer to their dreams, you have made a lifelong friend. People will always remember how you made them feel and what you contributed to their lives in the time that you were in it. Everyone you meet is an opportunity to exchange value; so don’t just make friends, make stalwarts who will stick with you throughout life.

Random Acts of Generosity

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the spontaneous type; try to do nice things just for the fun of it. Give gifts, nothing necessarily expensive, just something to let people know that they matter whether it’s their birthday or not. One time I bought my friend a box of chocolates in March! She was baffled, but it made her week. It’s saying a thousand things at once, and it resonates with the recipient, keeps you in their heart. You can expect the same gesture every time you do nice things for people.

Appreciate the Small Stuff

So many things go unsaid these days and so much so that people don’t even expect it anymore, but you’d be surprised the reaction you get if you just appreciate the little things. Say thank you to everyone even when it’s their job, and thank the people in your life for being there. Call to say hi for no reason, offer help to even those who may not think they need it. When they do need help, you will be the first person they run to. Living life with such gratitude will attract powerful positive people, and the benefits are many I promise.


Thus said, this is not to say that you should be accessible to everyone you meet on the streets. The world is still a funny place so be careful, don’t let people take advantage of you. Be smart and pick wisely whom you associate with. Do not stalk any one, a no is exactly that – no; learn to use the word yourself if you need to. Never judge a book by its cover, listen and pay attention, love all, but most of all, love you.

With help from dear friend Ubong,

ou can follow her on twitter; @ub0ng


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